About Velo-ce

We build (e)bikes with passion.


years of experience
in building bicycles.

Veloe® – Ride the journey.

Veloe® is developed for commuting, doing groceries and go for a ride with your kids. Having fun in a safe environment is the purpose of Veloe. That’s why we focus on flexibility, durability and riding comfort.

From design to welding.

Experience is the key to design a bicycle that lasts. In-house development connects experience with fast improvement. As we are a full equipped company from welding to production, we are capable to produce eBikes for brands that want to grow.


From welding to production.

Cargo eBikes

From design to production.


Fully integrated in every design.

From production to ditribution.

Velo-ce specializes in high-end bicycle production. We advice and supply end-products to our brands and manage the entire chain ourselves. From design, to production and assembly. By managing the process by ourselves, we can simply change the smallest detail if needed.